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Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. What are my mailing list options
  2. What is the normal size for a lymph node
  3. What are normal blood counts, and what do my counts mean?
  4. What exactly is a haemopoietic stem cell?
  5. Is there an on-line medical Dictionary where I can find look up medical terms?
  6. What questions should I ask my oncologist/haematologist
  7. What tips do you have for caregivers?
  8. What kinds of new treatments are there for NHL
  9. What are the causes of NHL?
  10. Can you explain what HLA matching is?
  11. Can I get unapproved treatments on a compassionate use basis?
  12. Are there any statistics about NHL?
  13. Where can I get the meaning of the abbreviations used on the mailing list?
  14. What about those chemotherapy protocol abbreviation?
  15. What is this cell cycle that chemotherapy works on?
  16. What is the lifetime limit of chemo that I hear about?
  17. What is this I heard about free flights for cancer patients?
  18. Can I go on a trip while having treatment?
  19. What benefits are available to U.S. veterans with NHL?
  20. Do you people ever meet ?

What are my mailing list options

There are three types of mail delivery you can have

a) Individual mails (about 1-15 per day)

b) Daily digest (25 mails combined into one so you only get 1-2 per week)

c) No mail at all, read messages from the web site (great for going on vacation so you don't have to unsubscribe, or come home to a mailbox with 50+ messages)

The simplest way to change your mail or subscription options or to unsubscribe from the group is to go to the main Yahoo "MyGroups" webpage and change them there. Just click the link below to go there now.

Yahoo My Groups page - membership options

You can also change your options via e-mail. For each option below all you have to do is send a blank e-mail message to the address shown below the option you want. That's it.

To subscribe to our group

[email protected]

To unsubscribe from our group

[email protected]

To change your delivery mode to daily digest

[email protected]

To change your delivery mode to no-mail read from web only. This is perfect for when going on vacation, or otherwise have limited access to your e-mail.

[email protected]

To change your delivery mode to normal individual e-mails

[email protected]

Do you people ever meet

Yes indeed we do. From time to time a list member will organize a "family" gathering in their neck of the woods. People from all over attend these get togethers and have a great deal of fun. We also meet every year at the big Lymphoma Research Foundations annual convention. Each year it is in a different city. In 2000 and 2007 it was New York, in 2001 it was Chicago, in 2002 Los Angeles, 2003 Washington DC, 2004 and 2008 San Francisco, 2006 in Atlanta.

Click here to see our photo gallery of our many gatherings