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Follicular lymphoma micro-environment

A great deal of study is being done on follicular lymphoma all the time. One area of intense study is the tumour microenvironment. This page brings you a list of studies on this fascinating topic.

The tumour microenvironment refers to the healthy, normal cells that surround and are inside the tumour. It is believed that perhaps it is these healthy cells that actually control the behaviour of the follicular lymphoma. Most studies tend to support this view, but others do not. We'll leave it up to you to decide.

This first study is a thorough review of the current knowledge about the microenvironment for all types of lymphoma.

Role Of The Tumor Microenvironment In Mature B-Cell Lymphoid Malignancies

Below are some of these studies to help you get started understanding this complex issue.  The first article is a study from 2014 in which they attempt to find standards that can be used by all researchers to ensure consistency in defining what features of the microenvironment are important. The link below that is a peer review discussion of this study.

The reliability of immunohistochemical analysis of the tumor microenvironment in follicular lymphoma: a validation study from the Lunenburg Lymphoma Biomarker Consortium   

This next article is a peer review of the one above. While it still has some technical language it is easier to understand since they are "reviewing" the study above.  

Assessing the prognostic impact of immune cell infiltrates in follicular lymphoma 

The following report by Randy Gascoyne one of the worlds foremost haematopathologists, from the British Columbia Cancer Agency. He discusses how all this knowledge needs to be standardized so it can be used to plan patient treatments.

Gene expression signatures in follicular lymphoma: are they ready for the clinic?

The following study from 2009  looks to further define the microenvironment factors which predict for response to treatment. The first is the study, the second is an analysis of that studies findings by another expert.

Impact of the tumor microenvironment on prognosis in follicular lymphoma is dependent on specific treatment protocols
Clinicobiological, prognostic and therapeutic implications of the tumor microenvironment in follicular lymphoma

Following are some more studies regarding the microenvironment. The first one is quite technical, but fascinating. The rest are a bit less technical.