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Downloads page


Downloads page

Below are various documents that you can download and a CHTV interview about lymphoma awareness day. All the printable documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 


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Ask the Doctor

This document is a list of questions that newly diagnosed patients will wish to ask their doctor. Not all the questions need to be asked. Just the ones that are relevant to each patient
ask the doctor

Chemotherapy checklist

A checklist of things you need to know and do if you are about to undergo chemotherapy. Questions to ask, preparations to make etc.
chemotherapy checklist

Blood counts

A handy printable reference range chart
blood counts

The Neutropenic diet

The diet for people who have had an SCT or who have very compromised immune systems due to treatment
Neutropenic diet

NHL Cyberfamily brochure

You can print in quantity and give to your local Cancer center, chemotherapy clinic, doctors office, or post on bulletin boards in any of these facilities

NHL Cyberfamily Business cards

Great for handing out to tell people about our group. For optimum results these should be printed on plain white business cards that you buy in a business supply store in sheets of 2x5
NHL Cyberfamily business card

Lymphoma Awareness Quick Facts

A great two page document with quick facts about Lymphoma. Perfect for giving to people who don't know anything about lymphoma, especially when you also give them one of our Lymphoma Awareness Oak Leaf Pins
quick facts

CHCH TV interview

Greg's interview with Hamilton TV show CH Morning live about Worldwide Lymphoma Awareness day