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For the love of dandelions


For the love of dandelions

Dandelions - the beautiful flower

Dandelions are perhaps the most abused flowers. The poor things are sprayed, dug up, reviled and generally a target of all kinds of nasty attacks.  Just look at the pictures below. How can you hate such a beautiful flower.

child looking right


This page is here because it is well known that pesticides and herbicides increase the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Read some of the studies here:

The next 2 studies look specifically at glyphosate (the ingredient in RoundUp) The first one concludes there is a link to glyphosate and increased risk of lymphoma. The second concludes there is no link.

Weed killers are a LOSE / LOSE proposition - Love your dandelions


barn barn rear trees barn
boat child looking down child tree trunk


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