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We all need something to soothe our souls from time to time. Cancer or not. Click on the links at the top, or some additional ones below.

Patent Pending: The Measure of a Life  - Wendy S. Harpham, MD, FACP

So how does one measure a life? " I ask.

"Not by how many, how quickly, how far. Not by how much."

"Then, how?"

"Yes. How."


"What matters is not what one does, but how. With purpose? With loving kindness?"

"Can I know the heart of someone who is gone? How? "

"By focusing on the imprint in the sand or the ripple in the pond."

I don't understand.

"When an artist is done, do you measure how much paint is on the canvas or how long it took to put it there? Do you add up the notes on the score or the words in the book? Stop counting the number of nails the carpenter used and stop looking for the price tag on the curtains if you want to see the home in the house."

Read the full essay from Wendy's blog here

© Wendy S. Harpham, MD, FACP - reprinted with permission

"Preparing for dying" is an excellent article provided by the great people at Hospice Net in Florida. Their web site is dedicated to the needs of those receiving Hospice care, and their families. They also have many excellent resources, articles and other helpful literature. Here is a small sample of what they have to offer.

  • How To Be a Supportive Caregiver 
  • Preparing For Approaching Death 
  • Helping a Friend Who Is Dying 
  • Hard Choices For Loving People 
  • Family and Medical Leave Act 
  • Hiring In-home Health 
  • When a Coworker Is Dying 
  • The Caregiver’s Journey Through Hospice
  • Pain Control: Dispelling the Myths 
  • Helping Yourself Live While Dying 
  • Advance Directives 
  • Relieve Pain Without Medicine
  • Medicare Hospice Benefits

Click here to visit the Hospice Net web site

Poems for the soul is a collection of poems specifically for those who need comfort and consoling when they they must face the death of a loved one.

It is our greatest wish that you don't ever need this page of our site, but we also hope that when you do need it, you find it inspiring, and comforting