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Lymphoma awareness pin

The Lymphoma awareness pin


Leaf pin 


This beautiful pin was commissioned by Lymphoma Canada (LC)  to commemorate the annual Worldwide Lymphoma Awareness Day on September 15th every year.

The simplified symbol, clearly representing the branches of the human lymphatic system. The branches are within a circle; a timeless emblem shape. The branches raise upward, a positive indicator of hope, and they mirror each other exactly.  The symbol is an integral part of Lymphoma Canada's logo which will remind patients to access a source of information on the disease and support groups in their community. All funds raised will go directly to Lymphoma research and education.lymphoma pin

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The cost for each pin is just $5.00 US. The shipping cost is just $5.00 for 1-10 pins and $7 for 11-20. 100% of all the funds go directly to LC for awareness and education programs. To order using PayPal, or major credit card just click the Buy Now button below.

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Download the "Quick Facts document that explains why Lymphoma deserves far more attention than it gets. Hand this out with your pins.

Or download the Excel spreadsheet with the data and graph