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DLBC microenvironment


DLBC Microenvironment

It is widely recognized that the prognosis for DLBC is affected by the cells that surround the tumour, not just the cancerous ones. For some reason the healthy immune system fails to recognize the cancer and destroy it. This suggests a flaw in the healthy immune system which may even encourage the lymphoma.

This first study is a thorough review of the current knowledge about the microenvironment for all types of lymphoma.

Role Of The Tumor Microenvironment In Mature B-Cell Lymphoid Malignancies

Below are some studies on this topic. It is important to note that this is still an early science. Therefore the studies below cannot be considered conclusive and may be refuted by future studies. It is also very important to understand that even if all this information turns out to be entirely true, we still have to find a way to use it. Future treatments for lymphoma will include not only treatments that kill the cancer but also ones that either repair the defective immune cells, or find a way to repair them so they also kill the cancer.