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Questions to ask your doctor

A printable list of questions to ask when diagnosed


Questions to ask your Doctor

It is important to ask the doctor a lot of questions before you start any treatment. You want to be sure you get the best treatment available for the kind of lymphoma that you have. You should also have someone with you to take notes for you. Most patients are still in a state of anxiety and will forget most of what they are told if notes are not taken.

Click here for a printable list of questions to ask your doctor



The questions on the above document are the ones that are important for you to ask so you can be confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan.  Lymphoma is a very complicated type of cancer and it is best if you have a doctor who specializes in blood malignancies. That means an expert haematologist. Haematology is the medical specialty that deals with diseases of the blood, and lymphoma is the most common blood malignancy. While oncologist are also experts in cancer care, haematology is not necessarily their primary specialty.

These questions are suggestions. Do not feel you have to ask all of them. Some questions may not apply to you or your situation. They are meant as a guideline for questions that may help you gain information that is important to you