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Beginners general information NHL - Indolent
Bloodwork NHL - Aggressive
Cancer Organizations  
Chemotherapy Pathology Information
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Complementary therapy Personal Pages
Drugs (including assistance programs) Radiation principles
Finding a Doctor Radiation treatment
Immune system basics Transplantation (SCT and BMT)
Medical Journals and reference Treatment centres


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Beginners information




Cancer Organizations




Complimentary therapies



  • RxList
    An excellent place to get highly detailed, and technical information about a prescription and non-prescription drugs. They have a very thorough database
  • BC cancer agency complete drug list
    Also highly detailed information about cancer specific drugs
  • Mayo clinic drug database
    Another excellent drug database
  • Rituxan
    Rituxan's official web site
  • Interferon alfa (Intron A)
    Intron A is approved for the treatment of non-hodgkins lymphoma. The goal of our site is to educate patients and their support team about INTRON A therapy, its indications, its uses, and its possible side effects.
  • Neupogen
    Neupogen's (filgrastim) official web site. Neupogen is G-CSF which is a growth factor which promotes the production of neutrophils.
  • Leukine
    Leukines (Sargramostim) official web site. Leukine is GM-CSF which is another growth factor. It promotes Neutrophils, Macrophages, and dendritic cells.
  • Neulasta
    Neulasta's (pegfilgrastim) official web site. (Neulasta is the longer lasting version of Neupogen)
  • Procrit
    Procrit's (Epoetin alfa) official web site
  • Food and Drug Administration homepage
    The name says it all
    Discount prescription and over the counter drugs from a Canadian on-line pharmacy.
  • RXNorth
    Another on-line site where U.S. citizens can buy their prescription drugs from Canada at a dramatic discount over U.S. prices.
  • Canada PayLessRX offers savings up to 80%+ when buying over the counter (OTC) and Prescription drugs. We also reward your patronage by allowing you to earn up to 4% on all referrals you send to our site.
  • Canada Drugs
    Canada drugs is a Canadian on-line pharmacy where U.S. citizens may buy their OTC and  prescription medications at a significant discount over U.S. prices.
  • Needy Meds
    Needy Meds is a website that provides all the necessary information for citizens of the USA to find the free drug programs for all the major pharmaceutical companies.

Finding a doctor


Immune system basics. 

Here are some links that do an excellent job of explaining how the immune system works.


Medical Journals and reference

Each of the links below takes you to the Medical Journal or reference named. Many of these journals offer their articles free after a period of time has elapsed from publication. The first one listed "Amedeo" publishes abstracts from hundreds of journals every week. You just select the type of cancer or disease you are interested in, and you will be presented with a list of relevant abstracts from relevant journals each week. A great place to keep up on your research.


NHL – Indolent


NHL – Aggressive



The title says it all. If you want to read about pathology, and in most cases pathology of lymph nodes, then click on any of the sites below. Most have pictures too.


Pharmaceutical companies

Each of the links below goes directly to the Pharmaceutical company listed or their web site about the specific product listed.

Personal pages

Once again the title says it all. Click any of the links below if you want to read personal stories, visit personal web sites and maybe just get to know some individuals who took the time to share their NHL experience with the world.


Radiation principles


Radiation (treatment)


Treatment centres