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Age 35
Minneapolis, MN

Sept 1999 Chronic Lymphocitic Leukaemia: I had a treatment of Rituxan, and within 10 sec of receiving the medication had went into rigors. Also my temperature went to 108 and my heart stopped.  The doctor told me before we had started that there were only chills as a side affect with this medication. The nurses told me that 80% of the people had multiple symptoms. (I always ask the nurses now before getting any medications!) Have started chemo and so far results are not promising....  
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JŠnos Czipri
Heanor, Derbyshire, England

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August 2001 dx: (Aug.2001) Indolent, Follicular, NHL, Stage III. 

tx: (Aug.-Dec.2001) CNOP x 6, (Jan.2002) Rituxan x 4,

Rtx: (Mar.2002) 15 x 2 Gy. Radiation

(May 2002) In remission !!!


I was born in Budapest, Hungary, the youngest of three children. My mother died of, what they thought was liver cancer, aged 43. My father died of an unknown tumour, aged 76. This was in Hungary of the 1950s & 60s and not at the forefront of modern medicine!
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Linda Rike and Aaron Rike
Lewisburg, OH

05/13/2002 My son Aaron had blood in his stool for 2 months and found a mass in his abdomen. He made a Dr. appointment, didn't get in for a month and a half. He had surgery 5/13/02 diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma and confirmed in 6/02 he is currently receiving Hyer CVAD  (cytoxan, Vincristine, adriamycin, decadron, Methotrexate with leucovorin and High does ARA-C (cytarabine) with Neupogen shots. He is doing well not any nausea and so far only mouth sores. Aaron is married to Amy for 3 years.  No children yet. He has a brother and sister both are younger,.and his dad and I have been married for 28 years.
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Joy Durham
Dickson, TN USA


June 1996 Indolent small-cleaved follicular NHL Stage 1a in 1996. The node with the tumor was removed for the biopsy and Watch and Wait was followed until recently when more lumps were noticed in my neck in the spring of 2001. In the spring of 2002 swelling the size of my hand filled the left side of my neck and is sore. Tests showed that it is changing to intermediate, and chemo is going to begin August 5, 20002. FNP with Rituxan planned in six 3-day cycles three weeks apart. My father died from leukemia when he was a year younger than I am now. He had CML which changed to AGL. I think those are the kinds. I'm following the same pattern with my lymphoma, which is scary even though advances have been made since then.

I am divorced and have two children, a son Brian who is 32 and a daughter Kathy who is 38.

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Ida "Sue" Connors
Shelbyville Indiana 

June 1989 Original dx.: Indolent and Diffuse Large B-cell NHL - Original site was upper left abdomen. and they thought it had metastasized from another place but never found original site. 

Then in May,2000, They said it was a recurrence and said it was now T-Cell enriched diffuse large B-cell NHL and it was Intermediate and Aggressive grades. Stage III or IV.

Tx.: 6/00 - Had Port surgically implanted. Modified CHOP X 6,  Radiation X 25. Had several hospital stays for infections, I.V. antibiotics, & isolation. 2 series Neupogen shots. Also had Shingles, Litchen Planus, and kidney infections. Still have Port and on W&W.

I am very happily married to Kevin Connors and have 2 sons, Christopher age 30, and Ryan age 22 and Ryan's new bride Amanda - whom we love dearly.


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John Ho
Adelaide South Australia

11/96 Cancer preceded by ITP, leading to splenectomy in late 1993. Diagnosed Rare marginal zone/monocytoid B diffuse small cell indolent NHL stage 4 with bone marrow involvement late 1996. 2 years watch and wait followed by March 1999 - 7 chop with 'good' but not Complete response. Rx/chop - we asked for it but not available here then. Looked at using (non main stream) USA burzynski clinic antineoplastons but no support for this in Australia. Managed to live life well for 2 years, with some adjustments for energy loss ! Relapse with fatigue, pneumonia symptoms(have now largely recovered from this with treatment) and relatively sudden increase in bulk 1/02 and recommendation is Rx(mabthera)and fludarabine next week.

How have others coped with this regimen? Any tips? We would be really keen to hear from you...Proposal of eventual BMT - we are undecided. Hoping for ok remission and the magic vaccine to materialise! Good luck to everyone else out there in NHL land from the Ho Family!

Indefatigable partner Liz, and two lovely children, girl 21 and boy 15 are the support team, along with very supportive cousin John. Grandfather had nasal cancer and there was a lot of DDT around in Malaysia when I was growing up!
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Ted Kent
Whitby Ontario

Jan 2002 Follicular mixed cell stage 4 grade 2. Currently in watch and wait. Patient of Dr. Neil Berinstein, oncologist/hematologist/scientist/ head of clinical trials ( vaccine ) at Sunnybrook in Toronto, regional center for NHL. Numerous enlarged nodes - groin, neck, small intestine wall. 49. In long term relationship but she's having a hard time coming to grips with this and seems to be drifting further and further into denial. ( I thought I was supposed to )
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Chantel Lisette
Sydenham, South Africa

18/03/02 Discovered swollen gland in left groin in January 2002 only saw my see my GP 07 March 2002, as I had a built up of gas and could not sleep as I normally feel choked when lying down if I ate a meal no matter how small later than seven o'clock I would suffer from heartburn and reflux and never thought this was a symtoms of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I was told it was a Stage 2 Mantle Cell Lymphoma my oncologist administered CHOP had first Chop 12.04.2002 every 3rd Friday and will CT again to see if better or worse again CHOP was told agressive cancer agressive chemo needed

Husband very supportive

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Susan MacIntyre
Wellington New Zealand


April 1997

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Low Grade. Diagnosed 5 years ago. Have had several bursts of radiotherpy over the last five years, which has calmed down the cancer. Is now back with avengance and have been give 2 choices: 1. Course of Chemotherapy 2. Chemotherapy combined with Stem cell transplant. Are there any other options available or should I proceed with either of the above options? What are the main risks involved with Stem Cell transplants? Married. 4 Children


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