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Jennifer Korrell
Berkeley Springs WV

October 1971

Jan 2003 In Jan. 2003 was having chronic cough and a mass that I could see in my chest. Was misdiagnosed by family dr. for 5 months, he was treating me for costochondritis, before I got a second opinion. Found out on a Ct Scan that I had a mass in my chest 10cm by 4cm. 3 Biopsies later Large B Cell Aggressive Lymphoma. Currently on R-Chop chemo. 4 treatments down 2 to go. Possibly have to have radiation depending on what my scans look like. I am doing well with the chemo, just fatigue mostly. I would love to hear from other survivors of this horrible cancer I am 31 years old married for 13 years to my biggest supporter and have two wonderful children aged 8 & 12. Keep up the fight and beat this beast!!!!
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Kurt and Mary K Schmelter

Kurt - 1943

Humble, TX

10/98 DX Details: 9/98- Immunohistochemical studies showed cells are B-Cell, positive for CD20, CD45, and bcl-2 and neg. for CD3. B-Cells aberrantly express the CD43 antigen. Flow cytometry studies show monoclonal population of B-Cells positive for IG Lambada, CD19, CD20, CD5, and CD23

Suspect: Chronic Sinusitis, SV40 Virus, Occupational Hazards

10/98- FND+Rituxan (8mo.)+ Interferon (1yr.) Trial 1/01- Relapsed 4/01- Rituxan + Leukine x's 4 6/01-11/01- 6/02 testing = remission 1/03- Next testing schedule W&W 1/03 still in remission...next test 8/03

Married for 37 loving years. We have two adopted children and two darling little grandaughters.
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Debbie Dreslinski
Feb 23 1954
Streetsboro, Ohio

May 1997 I would like everyone to know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of the patients and families dealing with NHL I have accessed this website many times, but not yet signed in. I appreciate all the information that I have received. I went through almost a whole year of different test before the doctors finally found out what was wrong. One doctor even told me it was all in my head. My cancer was first found in the large intestine, two (2) polyps were removed and biopsied. Then I also found that I had Bone Marrow involvement. The diagnosis at first was Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I was diagnosed in May, 1997 with Indolent B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage 4.

Started CHOP, six (6) treatments with BIG RED. Lost all my hair, but that was ok. Didn't mind for the summer. Was very fatigued, but still continued to work. After my treatment went into remission. The remission lasted almost four (4) years. When in December, 2000 my CTScan showed the cancer was now in my abdomen, biopsy showed cancer had returned. Upon Bone Marrow Biopsy, again the cancer was there too. But I did not find out my cancer had returned until my March, 2001 visit. My mistake I didn't call for the results. Upon my visit in March, the doctor just received them from the hospital where the scan was taken.

I began Fludarabine, every five (5) days with three (3) weeks off. Started with six (6) cycles, but after eight (8) cycles, finally in remission again. My oncologist determined I was a candidate for Stem Cell Transplant. I obtained three (3) opinions. Which two (2) out of the three (3) agreed to go ahead with the Transplant.

I received Fludarabine for five (5) days before being admitted to the hospital for the Transplant. I was admitted on Saturday, April 27, 2002 . My brother was my donor. I received his Stem Cells on April 30th, my second Birthday. On May 13th., 2002 I got to go home. Upon being released from the hospital, I still had to return to the Cancer Center three (3) times a week. My Magnesium was always running very low, along with my Potassium. Finally I was able to give myself my Magnesium at home through my Broviac, saved a trip to the Cancer Center. Then I only had to go twice a week.

Then started having trouble with my Broviac, so it had to be removed. I was happy about that. I love my Medi-Port. I did pretty good on going home, my sister took very good care of me. When my sister left to go back to California, I started having problems. I had two (2) kidney stones. One was lodged and had to be surgically removed. The other stone is still in my kidney. So I was put back into the hospital for two (2) days.

I had to have a couple of Platelet infusions, only once did I have to receive a blood infusion. Always feeling so fatigued and nauseous. Developed Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease of my skin, upper torso and mouth. My skin is all mottled. I have Thrush in my mouth, that develop blister like bumps that come and go no rhyme or reason to the bumps. They just appear and disappear, they were biopsied, still don't know what they are.  Then I developed CMV Virus, started infusions, had to go back to the cancer center twice a week for six (6) weeks. But only made it through three (3) of the treatments because I developed a Deep Thrombosis Blood Clot. So the infusions had to stop. Oncologist started me on injections of Lovenx. Unfortunately had a bad side effect from that. Very bad bruising at the injection sites, plus my left arm swelled up and bruised terribily. So once again I was put in the hospital for four (4) days. I was urinating blood. The cancer center started me on a Heparin Drip that didn't work. So then they tried Cumadine. That seems to be working. I know take Cumadine everyother day.

I have been due for a Bone Marrow Biopsy for several months now, but with all of the above happening I still have to wait. The last biopsy still showed 5% cancer. Also, upon a recent CTScan showed small node in my chest. Oncologist just waiting to see what is going to happen with that. Not to concerned at the moment. My one (1) Year Anniversary is coming up very fast and I am still going to the Ireland Cancer Center at least once a week. I am very depressed, fatigued and have nausea all the time. I have panic attacks throughout the day. Someone has to go inside stores with me. I get confused and disoriented.

I still take loads of medicine.


I come from a large family, eight (8) brothers and sisters. My mom and dad live only ten (10) minutes from me which is a great help.

Out of my eight (8) brothers and sisters I was lucky to have three (3) matches.

Have one (1) Chris, also have Legal Custody of my Granddaughter, Hayley. Who I have had since she was three (3) months old she is now almost three (3).

My sister from California was my caregiver for six (6) weeks. She is a blessing.

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Kalamazoo, MI

  Had the fever, night sweats for only four days, thinking it was the flu.  Thought I had a tootsie roll stuck in my throat, not a tumor... whoops!  Was at a sorority reunion when I had food poisoning like symptoms, and ended up burning my esophagus with vomiting.  Followed up with doctor at home, and NHL in the media sternum discovered through a barium swallow x-ray.  Tumor was the size of a fist, wedged between the heart, lung, and diaphragm. 

Treatment: six rounds of CHOP and Rituxan, Six Weeks of Radiation, eight scars, three tattoos, and a new hair do minus the gray but a fantastic new perm from the inside out!  In remission as of 2/14/02 thanks to my super-hero oncologist here in Kzoo.
Family History: My mother lost her fight with breast cancer  my senior year of high school.  She was able to contribute to the testing of Taxol, a RxChemo that seems to be doing wonders for others.  Three of my four grandparents died of some form of cancer before I ever had the privilege to know them. 
Supportive father married a wonderful Canadian who's two daughters (older than I) have been very supportive and present during treatment. This is additional to my bio- big brother and wife, and supportive extended family and friends.
This includes kids from American Cancer Society Cancer Camps that I have volunteered at for five years... their advise, tattoos they sent for my bald head, and other care packages full of pictures, videos, and touching letters were priceless, and more powerful than any Chemo (but they didn't make me puke).

Single- no children or pets of my own- does a plant count?     
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Debby Martin
Ajax, Ontario

Mar 2002 Stage 3B - follicular mixed malignant lymphoma. Retroperitonail lymphadenopathy associated with a few small nodes in the axilla and periaortic regions.  Married 30 + years with Son 28, daughter 26. Have 2 ferrets as pets. My parents live in apartment downstairs. Older brother recently diagnosed with prostate cancer but no other cancer in the family.
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Elizabeth Allan
June 10, 1934
Scotland, UK

May 1997 Low Grade mixed B-cell follicular lymphoma Stage I. No bone marrow involvement. Radiation to right groin, lower abdomen; back and front. During treatment lymphoma presented in left groin. Now Stage II. Further treatment (chemo) discussed. Advised, and agreed to, 'Watch and Wait'. (W&W) Months later left groin nodes regressed. Later more lymphoma in spleen and para-aortic nodes. Then some regression in latter. Last CT scan May '02, some changes, W&W continues.

Initial right groin enlarged nodes damaged/ blocked lymphatic vessels and caused severe right leg lymphoedema. (Swelling caused by excess lymph fluid, high in protein content, seeping from blocked lymphatic vessels into tissues.) Incurable but can be treated and 'controlled'. Then enlarged left groin nodes caused slight leg lymphoedema, severe in trunk and pubic area, genitals. After first treatment lost over 13 litres of trapped stagnant lymph fluid and 16 lbs in weight!

Last 2+ years (since 2000) severe right leg pain and muscle problems have seriously reduced mobility. Not believed to be related to lymphoedema but cause unknown. Bone scans, x-rays show no bone lymphoma or arthritis in pelvis etc.

Husband and best friend, Henry. 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren - 2 girls, 4 boys. We lost a 4-month old grand-daughter to 'cot death' in '97. One adopted Pekinese dog, inherited when my mother died in '97. Many interests, though now mainly indoor ones. My passion is drawing and watercolour painting.

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David Hardinger
44 (1958)

April 2002 Diagnosed in April 2002 with mantle cell lymphoma, had 8 CHOP and 8 Rituxan treatments. I am now enjoying remission, but the doctor says to expect the cancer to return at some point. just have to enjoy every minute to its fullest, and keep a good, positive attitude.....this is our greatest weapon! Married to the same beautiful girl for 20 + years and still deeply in love, and have three wonderful children (who are growing up way too fast) My family is my greatest blessing....
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Lori Lipinski
Bay City, MI

Aug 2002 Follicular, b cell, small cleaved, nhl Fall of 2002 undergoing CVP chemotherapy as an initial requirement for participating in a vaccine trial. No symptoms, minimal side effects from CVP. Continuing on with much-more-appreciated daily life. Family, faith, and a clear mind keep me positive and centered on becoming well. Husband of 14 years is Wayne. Daughters Kelsey (9), and Carly (6), are my 'little nurses'.


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