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Clinical trials participation study  

  Why do some people choose to participate in Clinical Trials, and why do some choose not to participate? That is a question that this study tries to answer.

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The following is a description of each of the questionnaires participants are asked to complete.

Clinical Trial Questionnaire: This is a one sided page that requests basic demographic data as well as three open ended questions. The questions are:

Q 1: Please write in your own words why you chose to enter or not enter a clinical trial for treatment of your cancer.

Q 2: What was the opinion of your local oncologist regarding participation in a clinical trial for which you were eligible?

Q 3: Did you receive support for your treatment decision from significant others?

Form C: This is a one sided form with statements regarding beliefs about your health. The form is completed as you read each statement and circle a number 1 through 6 which corresponds with your belief of Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. There are no right or wrong answers, please circle the number that best describes your thought/belief for that statement.

FACT-G, version 4: This is a form with 27 statements which include statements about your Physical Well-Being, Social/Family Well-Being, Emotional Well-Being and Functional Well-Being. The form is completed as your read each statement and circle a number from 0 to 4 which corresponds to "Not at all" to "Very much".

The completed forms are then returned in a stamped, addressed envelope to the person conducting the research, Jennifer Bradley.



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