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 Finding Clinical Trials  

Clinical trials page. How to find them

If you are like most patients and caregivers, you are pulling your hair out trying to find out what clinical trials are available to you. Below are links to some of the more helpful Clinical Trials listings.

Below are some of the most comprehensive listings grouped by country.

Volunteers needed for a study about Clinical Trial Participation

United States

The US government sponsored clinical trials listing service. It's goal is to list all trials in the US, and while it is a relatively new service, it is meeting its goals quite well.

Centerwatch is a long established Clinical trial listing service.


Ontario only
Ontario Cancer Research Network

Cancer Trials support unit (part of the NCI) Canadian listings

National Cancer Institute of Canada-Clinical Trials Group

Cancer Care Ontario (Ontario only)


Cancer Bacup


Cancer 411

Current controlled trials  
Hard to navigate and lots of closed trials, but it is pretty good anyway




Stem Cell Transplants
Side effects
Support Drugs
Clinical Trials Search
Drugs in the pipeline

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