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We have created a number of documents which you can download and print on your own printer. Some are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat you can download their free Acrobat reader by clicking on their logo at the bottom of this page.

First we have business cards that you can carry and hand out, to tell people about our group.  It is available in Microsoft Word format. For optimum results these should be printed on plain white business cards that you buy in a business supply store in sheets of 2x5.

Download in MS Word format (82kb)

Download in PDF format (235kb)

We also have a great brochure which you can print in quantity and give to your local Cancer center, chemotherapy clinic, doctors office, or post on bulletin boards in any of these facilities.

Download in Microsoft Word format (284kb)

Download brochure in PDF format (216kb)


The American Society of Hematology (ASH) holds a convention every year, where the world's leading haematologists present the results of their work. The abstracts that they publish contain a wealth of information about the latest treatments, scientific breakthroughs and innovations in treating lymphoma, leukaemia, and myeloma.

There are over 5,000 abstracts presented each year. Below you will find the link to a list of about 300 selected abstracts from each years presentations that we felt are important enough for patients to read, and are of interest to many patients and caregivers. This list is hyperlinked and contains only the title of the abstract, and the author so it is easy to search. When you find one that interests you just click on it, and that will take you to the full text of the abstract. Just click on the year you wish to view. Note: Past years are every bit as important is the current year. Many abstracts are breakthroughs that are important at any time.

  Year 2004  
Year 2003
Main ASH abstract search site

Perpetual Calendar

Choose your preferred colour scheme

Right click the image above to download the spreadsheet, or left click it to open it in your browser.

This Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet calendar allows you to enter the year you want on the start page, and it will calculate the monthly calendar for every month of the year. This allows you to print out customized calendars, whether for your own treatment and appointment schedules, or for your family activities.

Living with Dying in America

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Reproduced with permission of Partnership for Caring, Inc., America’s Voices for the Dying, Washington, DC

Download the Good Morning America Video from January 1998 featuring our group. (It is 20mb)

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