NHL and Radiation

Al writes --
I was diagnosed with low grade NHL a few weeks ago after a biopsy done on an inquinal lymph node. After all the staging tests I was listed as stage 1.
Has anyone out there "only" had radiation? (It seems like everyone is doing chemo or chemo plus radiation)
Hi, Al, and welcome! From what i've read, most cases of NHL aren't diagnosed until they have reached a later stage, which is why most end up being treated with chemo as they have spread sufficiently to not be appropriate for radiation. I also recall reading that radiation IS used if the NHL is in an early stage (like yours) and is still limited in its reach.
Anne in Chicago
hi al,
my oncologist has me in a wait and watch state, although I'm proactively using other modalities to discourage further involvement. I have a small amount of bone marrow involved, alot of lymphs swollen but no organs affected. where are you at when it comes to involvement?. It never hurts to get a second opinion.
from what i've been told with lowgrade lymphoma, radiation and chemo is a lot of hoopla for nothing, cause it doesn't work as well with the lymphatic system being so widespread throughout the body. works better when the cells are fast growing and concentrated somewhere. if its just in one node, thats good, could be radiation could do it. very rare to have it be found so early. good luck.
carolyn ( not an expert remember)


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