Post by Laurie
mouth sores - forgotten about these - - Paul only had them after the first treatment - - and that was because he tried eating everything in sight when he got home from the hospital - crackers, chips, nuts, etc etc. Rough, crispy foods that cut up his mouth - those developed into sores. He's been careful since then & hasn't had a problem. doctor gave us a "recipe" for a swish & swallow mixture we could make up - I spent $20 on ingredients & they are collecting dust. It was Cherry Mylanta, Hurricane Gel, oops can't remember the other ingredients, sorry. He also got a prescription for swish & swallow to aid the sores - - never filled it.

Post by Carolyn

I mentioned this on hem-onc, but got no response, so maybe it is a "no-no" to use internal methods to treat mouth ulcers, for those with NHL. I have a severe immune system disorder and had mouth ulcers severely until I used acidolphilus(the "good" bacteria...) and have now gone to a stronger form, PB-8. Is it possible that some NHL people could try this? I no longer have mouth ulcers, after a lifetime of those terrible little things, and I feel that NHL pts. have enough to deal with, without those! Has anyone tried this, or only external methods given the "ok?"


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