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Obinutuzumab (Gazyvaro, EU; Gazyva, US)

Obinutuzumab is a new monoclonal antibody, that may be set to replace Rituximab. While it is very new it has actually been in clinical studies for several years. But it takes many years to evaluate whether something works. This is especially true for indolent lymphomas where the survival is very long, so it takes very long to find out if a treatment is "better".

The results of the GALLIUM study (1) appear to show that it gets higher response rates with more durable remissions. Based on those findings the European Union has now (in 2017) recommended Obinutuzumab be used as the frontline treatment for follicular lymphoma.

Read the article about the approval in the EU of Obinutuzumab for treatment of previously untreated follicular lymphoma

Previously in the USA it is approved only for previously treated follicular lymphoma. That has now changed and both the European Union, and the USA recommend it as frontline treatment for follicular lymphoma. (2) (3)


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