Prissie's quilt



Prissie's quilt



Prissie Walsh


In loving memory of Prissie Walsh, July 5th, 1999

Original inspiration by Janet Nightingale. Individual squares made by NHL list members. Organized and stitched by: Mary Hanson   Click on photos below to enlarge ... use your browsers Back button to return


Connie and Prissie
Connie Klein and Prissie Walsh
Mary Hanson
Mary Hanson


The front of the quilt
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Pink/Green Butterflies

Auxiliary Square


Arlys Davis

Rose Angel with White Ribbon


Joyce Stockwell

White Crocheted Heart


Hortense Valdes

Painted Stars with Verses


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Frank/Linda Dupont

Red Cross with Beams


Sue Saville

Cartoon Fish and Starfish


Purple Butterflies

Auxiliary Square


Suzette Hearn / PA

Red Heart


quilt17.jpg (64671 bytes) quilt18.jpg (30653 bytes) quilt19.jpg (25945 bytes) Photo


Liz Giddons

Red Patchwork Heart Checkerboard


Janet Nightingale

Lighting Candles


Sharon Haney

Toddler Angel With Seashells


Mary Hanson

Green/Pink Cross Stitch with Ribbons


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Brenda Sharpe

White Angel w/Embroidery


Cynthia / NJ

Puff Paint Butterflies


Joanne Gilbert*

Patchwork Star


Ronnie Fein

Yellow Sun Felt


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Blue/Green Butterflies

Auxiliary Square


Susan / CT

Patchwork Dove with Heart


Megan McKenzie

"Prissie" in Pink


Dixie Mitchell

Lavender Ohio Star Quilt Square


  * "In Loving Memory", Joanne passed away on May 6, 1999 shortly after she made this square.


The back of the quilt


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Pat Woodside

Lavender Crocheted Heart on Patchwork


Pamela Shapiro

Fairy Flowers & Vine - Sketch


Kate Byley / UK

Three Stars Black/Blue Plaid


Blue Butterflies

Auxiliary  Square




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Don/Bev Leslie

Sewing Machine Embroidery



Patchwork Garden with Blue Birds


Sandy McCrae

Needlework Angel - Blue & Fuschia


Lorraine Johnston



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Carole Gilman

Watercolor Lily


Gloria Hanson

Cross Stitch "Good Morning"


Diane Nelson

Eye Refraction Black/Sparkly


Julie Ann Lofthouse

3-D Butterfly


quilt29.jpg (26187 bytes) quilt30.jpg (36014 bytes) quilt31.jpg (34742 bytes) quilt32.jpg (27812 bytes)
Ginny Pitchford

Battenberg Lace Angel


Red/Yellow Butterflies

Auxiliary Square


Karen Ali

Purple Ribbon In Green Wreath


Bonnie Dixon

Wine/Pink Angel w/ White Lace Hair


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Laurie Klem

Red Hearts  with X's and O's


Lorrie Ligon

Purple Gladiola Embroidery



Bandana Stars


Yellow/Red Butterflies

Auxiliary Square



Those whose names appear on the auxiliary squares are sending their love, but were unable to participate due to being in treatment, experiencing treatment related side effects that prevent them from creating their own squares, or are admittedly artistically challenged...