Cindy Winn Livingston


It was a hot sunny day and I had a wig on under that hat, but I
still managed to drag myself to another football game and I'm glad I did! Precious days with my precious sons
David (left), Cindy, Mark (right)


An unflattering photo of all of us, but a beautiful symbol of
family support. I actually felt pretty and sexy during chemo and these kisses were the reason why.

David (left), Steve (balding), Cindy (bald), Mark (right)


Mark, Steve, Cindy and David - These three people standing in the rain with me at another University of Texas football game are my constant support and the main reason for my happy attitude about life. I'm a lucky lucky woman!


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A collage I designed and sent to my parents while I was having chemo. My parents were frantic with worry and I wanted to reassure them that I wasn't horribly ill and that I was still working and having fun with life.


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