Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma


What to take to the hospital 

Many of us who have been through the SCT experience have suggestions about things you will want to take to the hospital with you. We hope you find this list helpful.
  • Your favourite pillow. Hospitals don't have the most pleasant pillows. Bring a couple of clean pillow cases so you can change it regularly. Those SCT fevers mean you will wake up sweating quite often.

  • Several pairs of your own pajamas

  • Slippers

  • Soft bathroom tissue. Hospital issue bathroom tissue tends to be like sandpaper

  • Soft bristled toothbrush. Don't use a medium or firm bristle brush as they are much too hard on your gums which are going to become very tender during your stay.

  • Music: Whether a portable radio, or a CD/MP3 player it doesn't matter. Just something that can ease the boredom, and soothe the soul as the patient spends days in the hospital with nothing to do.

  • Books and magazines. During the early days books will help keep you occupied, but as the chemo begins to kick in and you become sicker  you will find yourself unable to concentrate on reading. At this point magazines that are heavy on pictures and light on words will be great. National Geographic, fashion magazines etc all fit the bill quite nicely.

  • Note book and pen, so you can record all your experiences

  • Hard candy. During those times when you are suffering from dry mouth, mouth sores, or just the urge for something sugary and sweet.

  • Warm socks and nightcap or hat. Hospitals are often drafty places.

  • Electric razor for men. Regular safety razors carry too much risk of nicking you and allowing an infection to get in. Anything that cuts the skin is a big NO-NO during an SCT. 


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