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Reproduced with permission of Partnership for Caring, Inc., 
America’s Voices for the Dying, Washington, DC
All the downloads below are in Acrobat PDF format
Click on either picture below to download the NHL Cyberfamily Business cards or brochure. You can then print either one on your own printer.

Scroll down further for additional information about printing the business cards.

   Because the business card is a huge file, I have compressed it with WinZip. You will need a decompression program such as WinZip to unzip this file. Just unzip it to any folder you wish. The file inside is called "nhlcards.pdf" The brochure is a PDF file which has not been zipped.

   Both are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format which means you require Acrobat Reader to be able to open and print it. Most people already have Acrobat installed, but if you do not have it, you can download and install it free from Adobe's web site. Just click on the links below to download your free copy of Acrobat Reader or WinZip.



   The business cards are formatted for printing on standard Business card sheets of 10 cards (2 x 5) that you can buy in any business supply store. They are the equivalent of Avery cards #8371 and #5371. For best results you want to use plain white cards.

   Different printers handle printing differently so it is suggested you print on a plain piece of paper first, and see if it lines up with your business card sheets. Make sure that the "Fit to page" checkbox is not checked.

   Some inkjet printers have an option that allows you to set the "Printable area" of the page. If you find that the cards to not line up, try changing this setting to centered, instead of maximum. You will usually find this option by clicking the "Properties" button in the print dialogue box.

   Greg Dafoe


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