The Death of Truth (Bethany House, 1996) is written by scientists and theologians from a Christian perspective, but the information that it contains is valuable to anyone who wants to understand the thinking behind much of today's "alternative" and "complementary" medicine. Donal P. O'Mathuna points out that people who are seeking health care advice from alternative medicine sources "are receiving religious instruction." He says, that "These therapies are spiritually based, and ought to be presented as such. It is unethical for these religious practices to promote themselves as medicine." O'Mathuna hits the nail right on its head when he points out that much of the objection to alternative and complementary medicine, from the perspective of consumer protection law, is that religious rituals are being falsely and misleadingly labeled and advertised as science-based therapies. The book presents alternativism as a combination of old-fashioned spiritualism and New Age postmodernism. The book lays bare many of the ideas that drive today's intellectual climate which is so friendly to antiscientism. Although the book is clearly directed to the Christian community, its message is important for all of society. Its content is scholarly and academically sound. The book is aproject of the Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio. Order from Bethany Books, Minneapolis, MN.
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