The book Healing Words - The power of Prayer and The Practice of Medicine -is by Dr. Larry Dossey and published by Harper Collins. It is now available in paperback in the regular book stores. It is almost 1/2 the price of the hardback book. "It shares the latest evidence linking prayer, healing and medicine and calls for a bold new integration of science and spirituality." He gatherd the information from the various research sites and has compliled them into this book. I have found it to be an especially helpful book for those who view life from a scientic rather than prayer based view....and for those who believe in prayer and the connection with the Absolute Power...whom I call only strengthens us and also shows how heaven and earth work together. The one study showed that when two groups prayed for patients - one for specific healing - and one for God's Will to be done...the latter group showed the most healing!!! May it be done on earth as it is in heaven...seems to be true quidance. His follow up book, which frequently refers to the above book, is called Prayer is Good Medicine. "Studies whow that almost everyone prays when faced with illness or grave injury-but can prayer actually help to heal us? According to physician Larry Dossey, that answer is an empahatic and jubliant "yes!"'.
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