THE HEALING JOURNEY, Overcoming the Crisis of Cancer. Alastair J. Cunningham Key Porter Books ISBN 1-55013-440-X Pub 1992

Dr. Cunningham is a scientist, a professor, a clinical director of a cancer centre and holds Ph.D.'s in both cell biology and psychology. His book is laid out in an academic style whereby each chapter includes a mini-lecture including diagrams and concluding summaries. It is written for the patient who believes that there are things he or she can do to help themselves, and it suggests that cancer may be more than a biological disease. By puting the illness in its physical, psychological, social and spiritual context, and by working through the steps to achieve an awareness of the connectedness of all we do and are, Dr. Cunningham suggests that we may contribute to our physical healing. He also points out that we will contribute greatly to the quality of life, reduce our fear of death and help reinforce our purpose in life. In spite of the textbook style, the book is very readable and provides some excellent insights to the patient willing to undertake some painful self-examination on the road to wellness.
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