HOW TO LIVE BETWEEN OFFICE VISITS, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. Harper Collins Publishers 1993, ISBN 0-06-016800-5

Once again, along the lines of Love, Medicine and Miracles, Dr. Siegel gives us his version of the "exceptional patient" and advises us (the cancer patient) that our thoughts have much to do with our outcomes. The book covers alot of the same ground that was covered in "Love, Medicine and Miracles" and uses the same anecdotal style. However, partly because the message bears repeating, and partly because Dr. Siegel is so readable, it is worthwhile reading the message again in this context. Two things I particularily appreciated in this book were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter which were very inspiring and one of the final chapters which brought together the message of love and participation in our own physical and spiritual healing, whether or not we "survive".
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