Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, compiled by the Burton Goldberg Group, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc., 5009 Pacific Hwy. E, Suite 6, Fife, Washington 98424, 1993.

It explains alternative therapies from acupuncture to yoga, and health conditions treated by these therapies from addictions to retinopathy, from abscesses to worms. The cancer section contains a number of the treatments talked about on the list, including Hoxsey's and hydrazine sulfate, plus many more not mentioned (yet). Although it is pretty well referenced, I cannot attest to the completeness or the interpretation of the references. It is somewhat cluttered by testimonials which I find less compelling. At the end of each section are addresses of places where patients can be treated, such as the Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana and the Hospital in Syracuse where the hydrazine treatments are conducted. Hope this helps.
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