This page is is a work in progress. Still to come is more detailed information about the advances in treatments such as Vaccines, biological therapies like Rituxan, Bexxar, Zevalin, Campath, Epratruzumab (Lymphocide), and others such as Stem Cell Transplant protocols and more.

Stem Cell Transplants
Standard Chemotherapy Radiation
Monoclonal antibodies Support drugs
Vaccines Long term Survival strategies
Diagnostic imagining (CT, PET, MRI, Gallium)

The links below will take you to the information you may need to apply for "Compassionate use" rules in your Country for getting the treatment you need when it is not yet approved for use. "Compassionate use" is a term often used to mean allowing a patient to use a drug or other therapy that is not approved for use and/or payment by the health care system in their country when it is clear no other therapy will offer any benefit.  Please note that each of the links below uses the terminology of the Country noted.


Canada's Special Access Programme The United States IND program
The United Kingdom's Specials Programme Australia