Manhattan Beach

LRFA Conference in Manhattan Beach, California

   On October 15, 16, 17, 1999, the LRFA Lymphoma Conference in Manhattan Beach, CA was invaded by a gaggle of good buddies who had never met in reality before!  Walking into our private meeting room one just knew that it held dear and close friends. The feelings of bonhomie were savored until everyone went flying their separate ways. A lucky few, Norma Anders, the designated driver, Gerry O'Connor, our beloved Aussie, Bonnie Magee, Karen Scroggins, and Dixie Mitchell (me)  were able to spend Monday, the 18th, together exploring Los Angeles from sparkling surf to Chinatown and back through the Hills of Beverly.
   Wish everyone on the list could have joined us for a weekend of learning and
sharing! It was something every member should experience at least once.


Dixie ... Bonnie ... Norma ... Karen


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Ralph and Pat Crongeyer


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Bonnie Magee and Karen Scroggins


Tina and Tony Prior


Dixie Mitchell ... Norma Anders ... Mary Hanson

"In Loving Memory"
Norma Jean Anders
April 22, 1938 - May 26, 2000


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