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Emerging therapies


New and exciting therapies on the horizon

This page provides some information about newer therapies that are already in human clinical trials and/or approved in some countries but not widely used yet because they are too new. However for those who are running out of other options these may provide some hope.

CAR T-cell therapies (Chimeric Antigen Receptor)

As of 2017 these therapies are very exciting. The quick description is that they take T-cells from the patients body. T-cell are essentially the immune system's CEO. Then they genetically engineer them in the lab to seek out and destroy cancer. Next they multiply them in the lab so that they have a large number of them. Then they put them back in the patient so that they can go around and destroy the cancer. There are limitations. For example sometimes they kill so fast that the kidneys can't keep up with the waste disposal, and sometimes they can't stop the T-cells from a killing rampage. Read the studies below for more information.

 The Promise of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy

The Limitations and Promise of Immunotherapy With Chimeric Antigen–Modified T Cells

New CAR T-cell Therapy Shows ‘Remarkable’ Promise for Highly Refractory Lymphoma